Corporate Social Responsibility

Our company attaches great importance to supporting those in need. If you have the opportunity, you can also support the Foundation for the Children of Hungarian Minorities, that is very dear to us.

The Foundation would like to support these disadvantaged children of small Hungarian communities abroad, that are continuously being eroded. They would like to help them with accommodation, education, career development, professional qualification, job creation for them etc.

We believe, we are responsible not only for our families, or for our children, but we are willing to do something for the bigger community as well.

The Hungarian population in the country and abroad is gradually decreasing with a number of a town’s population annually. We would like our children not to belong to a past bearing, tired, thinned pessimistic nation.

Unfortunately, the most endangered are those Hungarian children who live abroad and belong to small communities, typically, in Transylvania.

These children are risking not only losing their national identity, but also as a frequent consequence of being in a minority, they threatened by poverty, often “deep misery”, due to their poor economic situation.

The most important part of our child protection charity work is to support these vulnerable, distressed families, but especially all their children. We would like to help parents and guardians not only with advice, good words, but also with financial support, school supplies, clothing, housing, meals, to help their children develop well and healthily.